MyAdvisor has a big network of professional advisers and suppliers who are ready to assist in different areas. They are all advisors and companies that MyAdvisor trust and will recommend at any time.

As a customer of MyAdvisor you will get an overview of your business. If you need practical help or a detailed examination within certain areas, I will put you in contact with the persons who are relevant for you and your company.

When you enter a business relation with MyAdvisor, you get access to an active professional network with many competences. This way, MyAdvisor and our partners can assist you in further business development regardless of in which area you need support.

MyAdvisor’s network consists of professionals within areas such as:

  • Lawyers, specialized in:
    o Establishing of company or branch
    o Employment law, social security and cross border employment
    o Buying and selling of companies / M&A
  • Authorized accountants
  • Foreign trading offices in Denmark
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension brokers
  • Bookkeeping- and payroll agencies
  • IT support
  • Communications and PR experts
  • Creative experts including copywriters and web designers.

MyAdvisor also has an extensive international network, ready to assist clients in most parts of Europe.